Tired of the same old interactive photo booth to capture memories of your special events? Wish your guests could view and interact with your event photos instantly? Now you can.

GraffitiPad – the next generation, truly interactive photo booth.

Unlike the photo booth rentals of the past, GraffitiPad’s setup is easy and quick. You can have your photo space ready to go for your guests in minutes. No more waiting for outdated and over complicated setups that require extra hands and extra time to prepare.

With GraffitiPad, photos of your event are instantly sent to an interactive touchscreen photo gallery. Your guests can:

  • Scroll through all of your special event’s photos ffrom one touchscreen display.
  • Draw and write on the photos with their fingers to produce unique pictures and designs.
  • Add text or a border frame custom made for your individual event.
  • Scale and crop the photos directly so that everyone’s faces can be seen, even with a border frame.
  • Share their finished photos on Facebook & Twitter straight from the display.
  • Text or email the photos to themselves or to a friend.
  • Print out a hard copy of their photo as a keepsake.

No need for a stylus, expensive pen or to bring in a separate computer setup. Just use your fingers to interact with the GraffitiPad’s touchscreen. Leave the keyboard and mouse at home.

Sharing memories from your special event has never been easier. GraffitiPad posts the finished photos directly to social media, letting your followers get a taste of the action.

Contact our team today to rent GraffitiPad and liven up your next corporate event, school party, or wedding.

Shoot. Pick. Draw. Share. It’s that easy.

GraffitiPad: Make Memories. Be Social.

But How Does GraffitiPad Work?

Watch our demo video to see just how easy it is to capture perfect memories of your special event.


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